What is the best 5 books for reading, and why we must read book?

we consume a lot of our time with Facebook, Twitter, Games, … but But instead of their we do not read any book!.

I have a example for you: a day has 24 hours. we sleep for 9 hours, so as a result we have 15 hours in a day. Suppose we work 5 hours with the phone. 5 * 365 = 1825!

we work 1825 hours with our phone in a year!. okay, you need just 8 hours for read simple book, so:

1825/8 = 228!!!

we can read 228 books in a year with 5 hours in a day. but 5 hours for reading book in a little long, for example you can with 2 hours reading in a day, read 91 books in a year!. its so amazing.

What is the best 5 books for reading?

1. Think and grow rich – Napoleon Hil

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2. O Alquimista – Paulo Coelho

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3. Compound effect – Darren Hardy

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4. Who moved my cheese? – Dr. Spencer Johnson

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5. Rich father and poor father – Robert T. Kiyosaki

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